Lab Results

Certificate of Quality Assurance and Lab Results

On each bottle, jar or package look for the lot number printed on the label for your product. Match this lot code number to the lot code listed below and click on the corresponding link to view the lab results.

CBD Tinctures

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Softgels

CBD Softgels

CBD Face Mask

Premium CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

CBD Face Mask

Moon Oil, 500mg

Lot Number: VG070819T1

Mystic Mint, 500mg

Lot Number: VG070819T2

Mystic Mint, 1000mg

Lot Number: VG070819T3

Mystic Mint, 1500mg

Lot Number: VG070819T4

Luna Lemon, 500mg

Lot Number: VG070919T1

Orbital Orange, 500mg

Lot Number: VG070919T2

Pet Tincture, 500mg

Lot Number: VG070819T1

Softgel, 25mg

Lot Number: JM071119GC1

Face Mask

Lot Number: GO012619FM47


Lot Number: GO071019GU2

CBD Pet Products

CBD Salve

CBD Dog Chews

Lot Number: JP070919K92

Pet Tincture, 500mg

Lot Number: VG070819T1

CBD Salve, 500mg

Lot Number: VG071019SA2

CBD Salve, 1000mg

Lot Number: DR071119SA1

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